World’s First Food Metaverse OneRare Celebrates Culinary Delights with Popular Chefs

Every facet of blockchain technology including the emerging metaverse is growing rapidly as the world turns to an era of revolutionary technologies. Novel blockchain innovations are redefining the entire ecosystem. OneRare is a groundbreaking gaming project that looks to impact the cryptosphere with its unique take on Food. In an exclusive interview, the project revealed it is ready to spearhead an exciting journey to foodify the blockchain.

OneRare is poised to bring into the blockchain ecosystem, a new wave of the metaverse, with food as its core. It is the very first of its kind and will be a major turning point for the global Food & Beverage industry that gets access to the blockchain for the first time.

The foodverse is significantly growing and in an exclusive interview, the OneRare team has revealed its latest collaboration with celebrity chefs to promote the project. Arnold Poernomo (Celebrity chef and judge on cooking reality series Masterchef Indonesia), Saransh Goila (Indian chef and winner of India’s youngest Super Chef title), and Jaimie Van Heije (A renowned Dutch Chef and owner of several high cuisine restaurants in The Netherlands), are joining the OneRare Foodverse to celebrate their culinary journey.

Establishing An Ever-Growing Community Of Food Lovers On The Foodverse

OneRare is keen on building an ever-growing community of food lovers on its unique food metaverse to promote the ecosystem, and creating the first opportunity for Celebrity chefs & their special signature dishes to reach global markets.

“OneRare celebrates global cuisines, and it’s a natural fit to celebrate the best culinary artists from around the world. We are very excited to be joined by Arnold Poernomo, Saransh Goila & Jaimie Van Heije as we celebrate their iconic dishes and introduce them to Web3 audiences”, said Supreet Raju, CEO & Co-founder of OneRare.

Saransh Golia, the popular Indian Super Chef expressed his excitement on the collaboration saying,

“From being a chef in my home kitchen to teaching and creating recipes virtually I’ve learnt that food really has no boundaries. Super excited to explore this new chapter of food in the metaverse by OneRare. The fact that you can create your favourite recipes in the metaverse and own dish NFTs is fascinating for me. I’m really looking forward to showcasing my favourite dishes on OneRare, and hoping to make the metaverse a delicious space!”

With the Chefs in the Foodverse, the OneRare community gets an exciting chance to explore the best of culinary talent from all across the world, while exploring the exciting new world of NFTs and Gaming. The Chefs will also get a chance to meet new audiences from across the world, and create a future opportunity for being able to swap these NFTs for real life meals at the Chefs’ restaurants.

An Authentic Food Experience

As the first food metaverse, OneRare is exclusively dedicated to providing an authentic food experience for foodies all around the world. The project offers lots of creative opportunities on its platform for artists, game buffs, foodies, and food industry mavens to explore. It’s even more exciting with top partners onboard.

The project recently concluded a $2.35 million fundraise with leading investment funds and is all set for its public launch on Trustpad and Enjnstarter. OneRare is ready to create an experience that will be inclusive to everyone and foodify the blockchain.



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