MDEX.COM Holds Top DEX Ranking on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

Condensing One Year’s Journey Worth into One Month

Recently launched on January 19, 2021, a month later on February 20, the young DEX (decentralized exchange) managed to exceed USD 5 billion in 24-hour trading volumes, which astoundingly eclipsed the cumulative volumes of all the rest of the other DEXes on that day.

Favorable DEX Environment

We will of course do well to remember that decentralization is at the core of the entire crypto movement. Satoshi’s vision for Bitcoin as an alternative to mainstream economies was, at the heart of its foundation, a currency to facilitate decentralized peer to peer exchanges.

DEXes Offer Cheaper Transaction Fees, Privacy and Less Incentive for Hackers

For users who prefer to trade anonymously, DEXes are the answer. DEXes offer privacy, cheaper transaction fees, and little incentive for hackers because funds are traded peer-to-peer and not deposited in the massive honeypots on CEXes that hackers can target.

MDEX.COM: Dual Mining, ‘Zero’ Fees, Fast Transactions and Community-Focused

For quite a while, Uniswap was the undisputed leader, offering the kind of liquidity that was only found on CEXes. However, Uniswap is on the Ethereum mainnet and the increasing congestion and subsequent high gas fees have been deterring many users and projects.

MDEX.COM: All about Maintaining Excellence and Innovation

Currently MDEX.COM is the DEX with the lowest transaction fees, with the platform having paid out more than USD 310 million in transaction fee subsidies. Cumulative Liquidity Pool rewards are USD 210 million with the LP yield rate the highest in the entire ecosystem.



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