DEX Leader MDEX Says Binance Smart Chain is First Step in Multi-Chain Expansion

Integration on BSC caused exploding TVL and trading volume for MDEX

Beginning the Cross-Chain Journey

Breaking the Heco Ceiling with BSC Integration

MDEX BSC Liquidity Pool Pair Staking
MDEX BSC Liquidity Pool Single Token Staking
  1. Massive increases in user base and trading volumes.
  2. Improved user experience and convenience on its trading platform because of interoperability with all the mainstream DeFi chains.
  3. More opportunities for projects to profit from the exchange of multi-chain assets.
  4. More DeFi mining opportunities on the MDEX platform for investors, especially retail investors.
  5. Attract and facilitate large funds from big investors and financial institutions to mine.
  6. Increase the value of MDX for token holders.
  7. Improve the development of the entire DeFi ecosystem by virtue of its multi-chain initiatives which will impact not only the projects and users but also the other DEXes who will likely follow suit.

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