Archethic Blockchain Burns 90% of their Native Tokens — a Crypto First

A look at the tokenomics breakdown

The new tokenomics for Archethic ensures a controlled average annual inflation rate of 10.93% until 2030, after which inflation will be reduced to just 0.5% until the year 2080. At this point, no more tokens will be made available.

Built for use in day-to-day life

The Archethic blockchain is highly scalable and especially suited for use in industries like communications, marketplaces, retail, that require scale, where most other blockchains struggle to find actual use cases. It achieves this through a unique consensus protocol called ARCH (Atomic Rotating Commitment Heuristic) Consensus capable of up to 1 million transactions per second. The team claims it is capable of handling the current mining power of the Bitcoin network while consuming 3.6 billion times less energy.

Further benefits of the Archethic blockchain

There are many other reasons that Archethic is an ideal blockchain for real-world use. In addition to being the fastest, most secure and most environmentally-friendly blockchain, Archethic is also very programmer-friendly, cheap to use and ideal for use in NFT, communication, identity verification and other common applications.



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